War goes viral

After reading “war goes viral”, I want to say that war have been a spectacle for many years thanks to photographs and T.V., now social media platforms are an even faster way to show the world what happens on battlefield, riot grounds, etc. This can be dangerous, because terrorists and other agents of chaos can play at that game too.

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

One of the reasons that the rates of harmful habits among teenagers, from smoking to teen pregnancies, have decreased could be because technology is making young people avoid socializing since they can now socialize on a screen, instead of in a school, mall, etc. I keep imagining a grumpy, old man saying “back in my day, we didn’t have no instabook. we actually talked to one another”. The statistics from “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” was the most moving argument I’ve seen under the reader.

How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds everyday

This article does a great job of revealing the background actions behind online advertising. Maybe it was because many audience members were technology workers, but the host tried to explain that companies, like Facebook, are not bad, rather they are misguided. However, if social companies that claim to enrich humanity knowingly try to influence our thoughts on a regular basis to ensure that they get attention, then those companies are actually causing us more harm then helping us.