Chapter 1 from Baym’s book

It is clear from this article and from all the other articles that we have read that no one knew how big the internet would become, how many other technologies like social media would spawn from it, and how important it would become in our daily lives. It has changed the way humans can interact; however, this can be seen as positive and negative. New communication methods, such as email and texting, have enlarged our ability to send information in real-time, but they have can also limit face-to-face conversations which is something that humans have done for thousands of years. I also thought Baym’s choice to explain her relations with the early internet was a good way to show an understanding of the subject, its expanse, and its “capabilities”. She combined her experiences with this revolutionary thing called the World Wide Web with facts about the people who designed the internet and how their intentions were different from what we have today.

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