Chapter 5 from Baym’s book

“Tom” was good way to explain the potential of the online world. It showed that while pretending to be someone else is nothing new, the internet can take it to a whole new level because we all have a little bit of Tom in us. We all want to be attractive, but we also have the power to exaggerate ourselves while be anonymous. As she developed the chapter more by describing how activities that have been face-to-face in the past, such as dating< are being normalized in the digital world. I agree with her on this point, but I don’t think it is as obvious to most people as she makes it to be. Those who control and create this technology, like Mark Zuckerburg who is mentioned in the chapter, sometime forget how alluring social media has become. People can create multiple versions of themselves on different sites claiming to be anything or anyone they want to be and social networking sites need to address this. As a joke and as a warning, a reference in this chapter says that without proper monitoring then “Karl Marx, Anne Boleyn, and Kermit the Frog” could become real figures according to social sites.

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