Game of Fear

I don’t understand why nothing was done about this. Why couldn’t the police stop Eron Gjoni (sounds like a Star Trek character)? Wouldn’t the constant stream of death threats and endangerment by publicly announcing her address, locations, family members, etc, be enough to arrest this guy? There is no way this guy can justify what he did. His posts were responsible for her receiving death threats, a job loss, forcing Zoe and her family members to go into hiding and more. He ruined her life and emotionally and socially abused her through a computer. All she did break up with him. Didn’t he and all the other trolls have better things to do with their lives. I can’t believe someone can threaten to find you and kill you and not be punished, especially when it was done online where everything posted can never be completely erased. The internet is becoming an easy way for people to humiliate others through threats, leaked photos, private information, and more. The police and even the CEO of Twitter realize that online abuse and trolling are had to stop and punish. It hasn’t really been established what constitutes a dangerous and violent threat and what is freedom of speech. Also, HOW ON EARTH DID HIS MOM APPROVE OF HIM DOING THIS?

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