Star Trek rerun, reread, rewritten: Fan writing as textual poaching”

This article is pretty dated. It came out in 1988, before the World Wide Web and advent of social media which dramatically changed how fanfiction could be shared and discussed. I disagree with many of the points made by the author, including his points made about female characters and the rights to creates works based off of pre-existing stories. In my opinion, fanfiction can inspire new ideas about fictional characters and since everyone in a certain fanfiction group is dedicated to the same character universe, they can achieve a lot. Also, I don’t think that fictional works and the fanfiction that follow should be considered as commodities when there is so much potential in simply writing stories.

This link leads to an argument made by fanfiction writers and artists over the positive and negative effects of their work. yes, there is fanfiction writing about fanfiction writing.

Forum: What makes a good (or bad) fanfiction? | DeviantArt
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