Written, Visual and Quantitative Self-Representations

I like that this article starts off talking about modern technology, but then travels back in time to explain how self-representation originate as a tool for ancient humans to express themselves. I didn’t know that some religions and philosophers believed so much in self-representation. Before reading this, I have never realized that blogs and social media had so much in common with confession and purity in the days of old, that humans have had a need to document and record their legacies. However, I think that the global growth of social media has drastically changed the reasons for self-representation. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone confess their sins online ( to be honest, how many of us would ever want to share their internet history). People have less freedom with technology now because everything can be tracked or recorded. Self-representation is also used a lot more for politics and/or fun then it was back then.

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